Stosa Kitchens

Stosa Kitchens

Stosa has created and made kitchens to improve the lives of those who live, day in and day out, in the most convivial area of the house. Stosa designs and creates affordable quality kitchens exclusively in Italy. For that reason a Stosa kitchen originates from authentic values like commitment, honesty, respect and originality — in Italy and in another 40 countries around the world, with a constantly growing market.

This successful kitchen brand was founded in 1964 in Piancastagnaio, in the Siena area, and today boasts half a century of history.

The Stosa Commitment - to doing our very best with every single kitchen, directly at your house.

The Stosa Honesty - to turning our projects into truly sustainable living spaces.

The Stosa Respect - for the nature that surrounds us, and for the entire production chain.

The Stosa Originality - to be increasingly competitive when it comes to technological and practical innovation

Today Stosa is an established brand both at home and abroad, with a positive turnover and major areas of growth, always on the lookout for new challenges and new major objectives.

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Stosa Kitchens in NYC